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Cable Machinery Products

Cable Machinery Products
Cable wire manufacturing machines. We supply, install and operate all the products line that specialized in produce and manufacture the cables and wires.
Rubber and special cables
We are into production lines for control, rubber and special cables, medium and high voltage cables up to 245 kV. We specialized in optimization of medium and high voltage production lines, standalone of make and configuration. We also carry out data collection of the present situation, calculation of the optimum process parameters, the line setup and training of the customer\'s staff and we also provide full service.
We are also into processing of special materials such as Hytrel, fluorpolymeres and HFFR-Compounds we value as standard. Linked processes such as SZ-stranding-sheathing or drawing-insulating we have accomplish in a variety of applications.

Of the most important area of our field work is to installation a production of electrical cable plants of various kinds of power cables low, medium and high voltage using machines and production lines of the origins of global known for their quality and technological knowing of the best consulting firms and office in Europe.                                   


Our strategic key factors which we were able to develop through out the years are our main tools in achieving our objectives.